With the upcoming of June, FIFA 19 is more near to the end, this means FIFA 20 is a step closer to us. There are already various news and rumors of FIFA 20 being discussed and we still don’t know how will FIFA 20 be, some latest FIFA 20 information is available here, follow lfdps.com to check out some biggest FIFA 20 news recently.


FIFA 20 Latest News & Rumours – New League and Club, Official Color, EA Play & Game Mode

A-League Scan Update?
You may know Melbourne Victory has been scanned but there are not confirmed information about any other clubs in the league, so the A-League scan is not really going to appear in FIFA 20, just one or two clubs, Melbourne Victory is the current top 3 clubs of the A-League, so it does make sense for them to be scanned over the other clubs in the A-League at the moment, but with the MLS they’ve only scanned six teams this year so they’re not doing the whole league there as well.


EA Play Information
If you are interested in the tickets are now available for EA play, which returns to Hollywood and will take place on June 8 to June 9 2019, now get first hands-on with some of EA’s biggest franchises, so obviously we’re able to see trailers for new games FIFA 20 included happens every year and it also says that there will be some content creators streaming live from Creator’s Cave in the Hollywood Palladium.


FIFA 20 New Color
They leaked the color scheme for FIFA 20 and it’s also got the Champions League color scheme, red probably gonna be the new color scheme, it’s not as bad, it is suggested that you download the EA play app as well on your phone and open it up, because it does reveal EA SPORTS FIFA 20 stuff, there’s gonna be like a fan fest thing where you can play FIFA 20 if you attend the venue and it’s going to be on June 8 10:30 AM – 6:30 PM Pacific time (PT), the information leaked that Play the new EA Sports FIFA 20 for the first time worldwide at EA Play.


New Game Mode?
It’s going to be like a player career mode like an NBA Myplayer where you can create your own customized player but there’s going to be like different storylines and you’re gonna have decisions you’ve got to make. Madden 20 has like that QB 1 or something like that, it’s a new game mode, a career mode where you start in like the college rounds or something and then you do the draft and then you get into the NFL. It may be better than the journey because you get to use your own player.


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