Towards the end of June 2019, we are become closer to the NBA 2K20 release date and start a new game journey, do you expect that? We are not confirmed that what NBA 2K20 will be like, but there are some NBA 2K20 news and rumours leaked lots of information of the following successor. The following information is collected from Youtube, Twitters and other sites for your reference.


Latest NBA 2K20 News & Rumours Highlights – Gameplay, Features & Changes

1. The first thing to mention is archetypes equal to some builds being dominant themselves with players not needing to be good with them, all around builds equal to everyone is a superstar but there’s a skills gap for who’s good at the game like NBA 2K16. This means they could be going away from archetypes and the archetypes will be more versatile. When you have one thing that you are exceptional at it kind of makes some build super overpowered.

2. The next one is from a Tweet of Mike Wang, the Gameplay Director for NBA 2K, he says any specific archetypes getting takeover too easily and is it too difficult with any archs, then asks the reply. This tweet is wrote in April 2019 and it is not reflected in the NBA 2K19 until now, June 2019, so it should be about the gameplay in NBA 2K20, which is expected to drop in September 2019.

3. The third one is also from Mike Wang’s Twitter, regarding a investigation, the question is that how long should Takeover last when activated with three options are Leave it as is, Should last longer, and Should be shorter. And the answer with most votes is “Leave it as is”. This would mean that Takeover they are planning on putting it in NBA 2K20.

4. The following one is about the ability to dribble and shoot off check. This refers to as soon as you check up instead of having to pass the ball inbounds, what do you think about being able to shoot right away and dribble at once, this is similar to kinds of the inbounds glitch that was in NBA 2K19 like the first couple weeks of the game and it was disastrous, people found superduper ways to cheese but this also struck.

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