In the game of NBA Playoffs Warriors vs Rockets On Wednesday night, Golden State Warriors overcame Durant’s calf injury and beat the Houston Rockets with 104-99 to take a 3-2 lead in the Western Semi-Final. How did the game go on?


NBA Playoffs Series 2019 Game 5 – Warriors Beat Rockets With 104-99 Take 3-2 Lead After Durant’s injury 

Golden State Oracle Arena, Rocket VS Warrior, exciting battle!
There’s an 83% chance for the winning team of this match to win the series in the end.
This is a win-win situation for both sides.


Six games against the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the playoffs,
Four games against the Rockets in the second round.
The game finally coming.
Just wait for the Rockets!


In the beginning, Thompson took the lead.
The three-point spherical line sets up the turret.
Thompson, in a series of shots, seemed very calm.
It’s like just doing a trivial thing.
The inside line is cut continuously.
12 points from 5 shots of 6 in a single quarter.
Who else can do that?


It’s not Game 6 yet, Clay started working.
Warriors fans are happy.
But the Rockets fans panicked.


What is the most frightening thing about warriors?
It’s the ability to blossom more.
There are several stars on the court!


Durant has a nickname, Death, It’s Lord Yan in Chinese.
According to an old Chinese saying,
King Yan told you to die three times.
Who dares to keep people till the fifth hour?
As one of the most stable players in the league,
He’s like a highly sophisticated machine.
As long as the ball weight is input,
The output score is stable.


The Direction Change of Guard Level.
Overpowered three-pointers.
Unguarded back-up,
It’s just too much for the Rockets to defend!


In the first section,
The Warriors already have a 14-point scoring advantage.
Gordon did well in the last game but feeling lost,
Paul, Capela has no intention of catching the ball at all.
Yesterday’s two matches were one-sided.
Is that the same for this battle?


James Harden tells you by action.
What is a rebellion against heaven?
What is toughness?
Even though you are defending champions,
Even though you won us in a single section,
Harden changed his usual number of shots, but every shot was carefully calculated.
Under Harden’s leadership, the Rockets narrowed the gap step by step.


The fighting between the two sides was intense.
At this point,
Durant finished a backward shot.
Suddenly the steps became staggering.
Limping to the dressing room,
Some guessed it was a cramp, others guessed it was the Achilles tendon.
Ten minutes later, the team doctor’s report showed that,
Durant pulled his calf.


When the news just came out,
What are the Warriors doing?
There are only eight seconds left in the third section.
Stephen Curry holds the ball until the last second.
He took off after a direction change.
Is he going to do it? No, he passed the ball.
Instead of playing, they choose to throw the pot.
What was Curry doing?


However, he first hit the signboard singles by three points shot.
Then the baseline goes into the difficult shooting.
Take 10 scores continuously,
Take the lead in pulling yourself out of the meeting hall, be tough!


Durant’s injury, the pressure of the strong enemy,
The original Warriors Team is back!
Green has shown all his abilities.
Make fouls and fantastic passing.
There are even difficult three-pointers!
Even Green can hit three points at a critical moment.
How can the Warriors lose?


The Rockets are tough enough.
But unfortunately, they lost the away game with 99-104 points.
The Warriors won, but they also lost.
In the next game, the Rockets will play at home.
Losing Durant’s Warriors and the Rockets that fought with their back to the river,
What kind of sparks can we get?

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