The Path of Exile 3.7 Legion League went live on PC on June 8, the PS4 and Xbox One version are just around the corner. You can start a new fantastic gameplay journey soon.


According to the official information, Path of Exile Legion on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 will launch at 5 AM on Jun 11, 2019 or at 2 PM on June 10, 2019 (PDT). Downtime will begin for deployment at 4 AM on Jun 11, 2019 or at 1 PM June 10, 2019. Here are the latest Path of Exile Legion patch notes with the main bug fixes details. Please note that this has been deployed restartlessly and you need to restart your client to get the client elements of the POE 3.7.0b patch.


Path of Exile Legion 3.7.0b Patch Notes

– Fixed a common client crash with Fairgraves.
– Fixed a client crash when Legion monsters engage in combat.
– Fixed a common crash involving melee combat. More fixes to come.
– Fixed a bug where pressing Shift while holding skill button didn’t attack in place immediately. There is still a bug if you press shift just after animation cancelling that means you will still move for a short amount of time. That will be fixed in a follow up patch.
– Fixed a bug where too many Shrines could appear in some areas.
– Fixed a client and instance crash with Double Strike supported by Ancestral Call.


Path of Exile Legion 3.7.0c Patch Notes

– Fixed a bug where some added chaos stats were not adding Maximum Damage.
– Fixed a client crash with Hailrake.
– Fixed a bug where hideout templates were failing to import.


Path of Exile Legion 3.7.0d Patch Notes

– Fixed a bug where Scourge Arrow could fail to fire an arrow.
– Fixed a bug where Channelling skills bound to left click made the character unable to move.
– Fixed a bug where Leap Slam and Flame Dash could do repeated actions from one use.
– Fixed desync that could occur when cancelling an action while out of mana.
– Fixed a client crash with Quick Dodge.
– Fixed several additional client crashes.


Path of Exile Legion 3.7.0e Patch Notes

– Fixed a common client crash with Legion encounters.
– Fixed an instance crash when opening Shaper Guardian maps while occupied by Elder Guardians.
– Fixed a bug with Scourge Arrow preventing re-use while pods were active.
– Fixed a bug which resulted in the Ancient Sculptor in the Bazaar Map dealing too much damage.
– Temporarily disabled the explosion from Asenath’s Gentle Touch as it was damaging players. We will fix this in a later patch.
– Fixed another instance crash.

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