Path of Exile is a free online-only action RPG under development by Grinding Gear Games in New Zealand, revealing a new expansion about every three months, the next POE challenge league is Legion, which is the successor to POE 3.6 Synthesis and scheduled to release on June 7 for PC and June 10 for PS4 and Xbox One. Path of Exile’s June expansion contains the Legion challenge league, new items, new gems, a game-wide overhaul of melee combat, and much more. Before the Legion announcement, GGG has updated lots of information and news about the new league, including new POE items, skills, divination cards, reworked Ascendancy, maps, combat system, incubator mechanics and more. Detailed POE 3.7 Legion expansion please refer to the official website of Path of Exile.


Path of Exile 3.7 Legion New Items & Skills List
  • POE 3.7 Legion Item Rewards:
    Ornate Incubator
    Diviner’s Incubator
    Harbinger’s Incubator
    Ngamahu’s Flame Abyssal Axe
    Loath Medallion Onyx Amulet
  • POE 3.7 Legion New Items:
    Dark Dreams (Bone Helmet)
    Alluring Bounty (10x Exalted Orbs)
    Aukuna’s Will Clasped Mitts
    Maw of Conquest Steel Circlet
    Voll’s Protector Holy Chainmail
    Lavianga’s Wisdom War Hammer
    Rathpith’s Globe Titanium Spirit Shield
  • POE 3.7 New Guard Skill Steelskin


Path of Exile 3.7 Legion New Divination Cards List

Vanity – set of 9 – Tabula Rasa (Corrupted)
The Fool – set of 4 – 20X Orb of Chance
The Archmage’s Right Hand – set of 7 – Glyphic Prophecy Wand (Item Level:100)
Imperial Legacy – set of 22 – Six-Link Imperial Bow (Item Level:100)
Echoes of love – set of 3 – Fidelitas’ Spike (Two-Implicit Corrupted)
Burning Blood – set of 6 – Xoph’s Blood (Corrupted)
Buried Treasure – set of 3 – Sulphite Scarab
Alluring Bounty – set of 7 – 10 * Exalted Orb
Dark Dreams – set of 4 – Bone Helmet (Elder Item)


Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Reworked Ascendancy 



Path of Exile 3.7 Legion Splinters & Emblem 

Timeless Maraketh Splinter
Timeless Templar Splinter
Timeless Templar Emblem
Timeless Karui Emblem


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