Radical Summer Phase 3 Television Phase started at 10 AM PDT on July 22, but in the second phase of Rocket League Radical Summer in July, the Totally Awesome Crate becomes available in the game, features a dozen new customization Rocket League items and new bodacious battle-car Fennec, which is an Import body. You can get it through opening the crate and buying from RL items online trading store. Now lfdps.com brings 10 great painted Rocket League Fennec car designs with Totally Awesome Crate decals, wheels, and more details. Check out full contents of Radical Summer event from the official website of Rocket League.


Top Rocket League Car Designs – Popular Painted Fennec Cars

Here is the list of TOP 10 Fennec Rocket League Designs showcase with equipped items details, covering 10 Fennec car bodies match with Magma decal and painted P-SIMM wheels, 10 popular colors, which one is the best looking do you think?
1. Purple Rocket League Fennec Design
Car: Purple Fennec { Primary-C9-R3, Accent-C12-R4 }
Decal: Magma
Wheels: Purple P-SIMM


2. Cobalt Rocket League Fennec Design
Car: Cobalt Fennec { Primary-C8-R7, Accent-C10-R3 }
Decal: Magma
Wheels: Cobalt P-SIMM


3. Custom Rocket League Fennec Design
Car: Fennec { Primary-C7-R7, Accent-C2-R3 }
Decal: Magma
Wheels: Grey P-SIMM


4. Burnt Sienna Rocket League Fennec Design
Car: Burnt Sienna Fennec { Primary-C8-R7, Accent-C2-R4 }
Decal: Magma
Wheels: Burnt Sienna P-SIMM


5. Crimson Rocket League Fennec Design
Car: Crimson Fennec { Primary-C8-R4, Accent-C1-R1 }
Decal: Magma
Wheels: Crimson P-SIMM


6. Saffron Rocket League Fennec Design
Car: Saffron Fennec { Primary-C2-R5, Accent-C5-R4 }
Decal: Magma
Wheels: Saffron P-SIMM


7. Pink Rocket League Fennec Design
Car: Pink Fennec { Primary-C10-R1, Accent-C14-R3 }
Decal: Magma
Wheels: Pink P-SIMM


8. Sky Blue Rocket League Fennec Design
Car: Sky Blue Fennec { Primary-C7-R7, Accent-C9-R3 }
Decal: Magma
Wheels: P-SIMM


9. Forest Green Rocket League Fennec Design
Car: Forest Green Fennec { Primary-C7-R7, Accent-C6-R4 }
Decal: Magma
Wheels: Forest Green P-SIMM


10. Orange Rocket League Fennec Design
Car: Orange Fennec { Primary-C6-R2, Accent-C4-R3 }
Decal: Magma
Wheels: Orange P-SIMM

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